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Good Day dear players of Crackpixel,

Its now been a while since the last updates about the server and until now it was unsure what will happen to it.
I now took over the ownership of this server and am introducing you to the new Crackpixel:

New Crackpixel? Yes! We are completely re-coding Crackpixel and fixing most lags and bugs

What about the games? We will add Skywars and ThePit on release. Later we will add Bedwars and other gamemodes.

When can I play? We aim to release as soon as possible. We want to make this server great though, so give us a bit

Summed up we will aim to add most of the old gamemodes back and even will add our own, unique gamemodes and many cool features made by us.
The many bugs, problems or in general the bad quality in many spots will not exist anymore when the server releases. We aim it to be way better than the old Crackpixel, you could say that we want to make it a high quality server.
We cant really tell when the server will release, but because you all waited a long time for Crackpixel to release already we will hurry up and make sure to release Crackpixel as fast as possible. The backend is done already and only the gamemodes are missing.
Applications for staff are open too and more news will be posted soon, so stay tuned and turn those email alerts!

With those things being said I will thank you for still being interested in the server and wish you a great rest of the day!
Stay tuned for more updates and join our new Discord! We will post first sneakpeaks there soon!

- Viremox, Owner of Crackpixel


We're looking for you to pick the next Crackpixel Gamemode. Above this post you will find a poll where you can vote on the gamemode. Hypixel Pit Clone would be a very decent replication of the actual gamemode and provide similar or exact functionality. Similar Custom Gamemode would provide a more custom fit to Crackpixel, such as the old Crackpixel PvP.

Thanks for voting! :)

Since the closing of Crackpixel, there happened to be mixed emotions from players and the community. With this, we all concluded that the way we closed the network was abrupt & out of the blue. Though there was speculation if Crackpixel would return, We saw an opportunity and are striving to take that chance.

With the return of Crackpixel, we will be making the following changes. These changes will better improve the quality of life for the network. Make accessibility for other regions easier. While also taking a new approach in development stance. Bringing in new game modes and opening a new door for development. Allowing for community events, For players to suggest & create game modes that they want.

Position Applications will return once more of the internal operations are finished. Though this is all that can be said while everything is still in the works, We look forward to returning to a network that most players enjoyed.

Discord Invite

- Timothy (Crackpixel Owner)

-----------------PvP Guide [By Stonks]-------------------

This guide was made by Stock_#1891 to make it easier for players to understand the latest PvP update [21/02/2022]

The guide is divided into 4 sections:
Enchants, Items, and how to use them
Auction house and how it works
Ranks, Kits, and XP multipliers


- Custom enchants from the old plugin won't work in this new update as the plugin was completely removed, however, Vanilla
enchants should work as before [eg. Sharpness, Protection, Unbreaking]

- Enchants can be bought using XP [you earn random XP on each kill] from Enchants shop NPC placed in the spawn area.

- Once you purchase the book from the Enchants shop, you have to right-click holding the book in your hand slot to reveal the book
you earned from the transaction.

- Read the description of the book to understand how it works, to check the success rate of the book and destroy rate, and on what
items you can apply it.

-The Success rate of the enchant depicts the chance of the book being successfully merged with your item and the destroy rate on other
hand depicts the chance of your merging process to be a fail | *Note: if the enchantment fails to apply, your item will be destroyed
with it*

-You can increase the success rate of your enchantment to 100% using the dust orb which on right-clicking provides you with
either a failed magical dust [which is of no use] or Magical dust with a random percentage, you can drag and drop the dust on
the book, if the destroy rate of the book is 0, you can apply it directly without increasing the success rate as there is no chance of
the enchant will fail to apply. [The percentage displayed in the description of the dust will be added into the book]

- Drag the book and drop over the item to apply the enchant

- There is a limit over how much enchant you can add over an item, once the item reaches the max limit you can add more than 4 slots
to it using the Upgrade orb [you can buy this item from Item shop]

- White scroll can be added to an item to completely protect your item from getting destroyed by


-Auction house NPC is placed in the spawn area, right behind the spawn block, or you can access it via /ah.

- You can sell an item in ah instantly by holding the item in your hand and using the command /ah sell, To customize your Auction
you can sell via the NPC, click on list item, drag and drop the item over the blank slot and then you can either bid or apply price,
selecting bid will ask you for starting price of the item, bid increment means if someone bids on your item, then to attain the
next highest bidder the bid increment will be added with the current highest bidders amount.

- Once you list the item on ah and if it doesn't sell out within the time limit it will be auto stored in the collection bin [you can
access the collection bin from the NPC (ender chest icon)]


- VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+, MVP++, and Custom ranks have access to infinite kits like daily and weekly [many others].

- Kits can be accessed via /kits or the NPC placed in the spawn area, Default kit is a leather kit with infinity access.

-XP multipliers are used to get a boost with the number of XP you earn from each kill, you can buy it from in-game store link, the NPC is
placed to the right of the spawn block


- Start enchanting your Items with lower enchants and not just directly going for heroic enchants as Heroic enchants need their base
enchant levels/lower levels of the same. [If the title of your book contains a word like "Reflective", "Legendary" or similar then you
need the enchant listed past the prefix. Example: For Reflective Block III u need Block III]

- Useful commands /spawn, /ec [for enderchest], /pv [to access vualts{vualts are used for extra storage}], /ah[Auction house].

- If you find it hard to grind for XP in mid, try roaming around the map or maintaining a safe distance from mid and gaining streaks.

- Exchange your XP to coins only if needed to be spent on the Auction house or Soul enchants. You can convert your XP into credits
using Coin Exchanger NPC in the spawn area or on any other credit-related transactions. {OPTIONAL}

- You can repair your armor by holding the item and clicking on the signboard in the spawn area or use blacksmith enchant on your
axe to auto repair your armor while hitting people with the axe.

- Join the server --> CRACKPIXEL MAIN DISCORD (Click here)
- Make a bug report ticket --> CRACKPIXEL SUPPORT DISCORD (click here)
(This guide is open for edits/suggestions)
General guide for pvp.

With this sponsorship, The battle between the bots and us has never been better! Look forward to the less downtime from bots on Crackpixel.

What is BotSentry?
BotSentry is an antibot that is capable of handling a lot of connections per second, filtering them, blacklisting them in seconds, while your players are allowed to join the server. Even though BotSentry will blacklist the 99% of the attacking IPs in the first few seconds of attack, during the few seconds of lockdown, the user will be able to whitelist himself by completing a Google Captcha, hosted by BotSentry.

Spigot Page⚡-botsentry-⚡-antibot-antiproxy-resisting-30k-bots-per-second-bungee-spigot-sponge-velocity.55924/
Discord Server

How does this affect players?
The sponsorship with BotSentry does not affect real players at all. Crackpixel's integration with BotSentry allows us to reduce huge amount of loads from bot attacks on the server.

Real players continue to have an amazing Crackpixel experience better than before, knowing that there will be less random downtime on the server and no spammy bot attack messages.

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