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Cops and Crims - Public Beta Release

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Inspired by Counter-Strike and Hypixel, this new game features a custom resource pack that will completely change your Minecraft experience. All you have to do is join the lobby and queue up for some 8 versus 8 action in one of the 3 launch maps we have available for you!

As a cop, your goal is to defend the bomb sites and as a criminal your objective is to plant the bomb. After 4 rounds, the teams swap around and the first team to reach 5 wins will be victorious.

Play now! You know the address! mc.crackpixel.net

What are missing in the game?
Player Wins, Headshots, Defused, and Shots Fired stats
Rank prefix in game chat
Gun Cosmetics and Upgrades
and many more...

Those will be slowly be added soon.

Remember, have fun! :D5cfe76f01f26c.jpg