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Crackpixel X Paladin

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With this sponsorship, The fight against cheaters has never been better! Look forward to the removal of cheaters at Crackpixel. Despite ghost clients, Or the most blatant cheaters there will be a halt to game breaking advantages.

What is Paladin?
Paladin is a top of the line screenshare tool, That automates the screenshare process for staff members. With the ability to detect majority of clients, Paladin ensures cheater free enviornments for Communities.

Pairing this alongside our anticheat at Crackpixel allows for us to halt the cheating epidemic at the root of the issue. For more information in regards to Paladin, Check out the links below.

Website https://paladin.ac/
Discord https://pld.ac/discord
Twitter https://twitter.com/paladin_ac

How does this affect players?
The sponsorship with Paladin does not affect legitimate players at all, Crackpixel's integration with Paladin allows for us to catch pesky ghost client users.

This being done through the process of Screensharing, In which select staff members connect to your computer to run Paladin then provides the staff team with the information needed. Screenshares will mainly be conducted if someone who wasn't flagged by the anti-cheat is suspected of cheating.

Legitimate Players continue to have an amazing Crackpixel experience, Knowing the removal of cheaters will be faster & more accurate then ever.

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