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Option to get teamed with your party or friends.

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As parties dont work, players cant get teamed with their friends or parties in matches. And this thread is about how you do it.

First of all,
This doesnt have a 100% success rate, depends.
I found it through basic calculation so this thread might not have much information.

How this works:
Capture - 93.PNG

So in this image i have joined as the second player to the lobby, so i should get teamed with the first guy who joined the lobby (DEVIL_HQ) because thats how this team system works and the 3rd guy must team with the 4th guy if this calculation is correct. So if you see an empty lobby you should tell your friend to join it as the first player or second and after you joined with your friend you both will get teamed because you were the second player in the lobby so you will get teamed with the first player in the lobby or vice versa.

Ingame of the screenshot above:

And ingame i got teamed with the first player in lobby which is DEVIL_HQ and with the screenshot the third player who joined the lobby (Jester) got teamed with the 4th player who joined the lobby (BOYDmasterCSD). (Other players i haven't screenshotted them but Noob_Shubhu was the fifth player to join the lobby and dragonmaster208 was the sixth player to join the lobby.

To help this thread gain trust among the community, Reply to this post after you have tried this method and show proof it actually works. Thanks.

For Trios and Squads its the same thing, when you join a lobby for trios with 2 players already in and you're the third player you 3 will get teamed and the same thing for squads.

Hope this thread helps. Enjoy playing on Crackpixel!

-TechnoBladeDot (Retired Moderator)
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