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What is a screen share? A screen share is when one of our staff will AnyDesk to your PC and check for cheats, this process can take around 15 minutes to an hour.

If you are cheating and a staff member wants to screen share you then you can admit BEFORE the screen share for a shorter ban. If you do not admit and it is found it will be a permanent ban.

Only staff with the "Screenshare Verified" role can do this, report other staff members doing this in my mail.

Things we will ban for
• Refusal to Screenshare or download anything related to the Screenshare.
• Leaving Crackpixel when asked to Screenshare.
• Recording during the Screenshare.
• Deleted or modified files of any type before a Screenshare.
• Modifying recycle bin before the Screenshare.
• Opened/modified gaming gear software. This includes adjustment of DPI, lighting, and keybinds.
• VPNs
• Anything launched from drives formatted with a FAT file system or drives removed before the Screenshare. (If you don't know what this is, you don't have to worry about it)
• Any Injectable clients or autoclickers ran after restarting your computer.
• Anything that may give you an unfair advantage on Crackpixel. (this includes Badlion's beta testing feature)
• Failure to disable any programs that hamper the Screenshare. (on request)
• Disabling/tampering with basic Windows processes. If you have an optimized pc, be sure to revert any modifications or you may get banned.
• Failure to comply with the Screensharer's requests. This includes touching your mouse and keyboard during a Screenshare when not explicitly given permission.
•Use of a USB / External Drive under the FAT32 File formatting system (if you need help with this please open a support ticket)

Things to know
• All screensharing tools and applications we use are completely SAFE. They are not viruses despite what your browser or antivirus might say. DO NOT install any applications before the Screenshare unless told to by a Screensharer.
• Anydesk is a tool we use to access your computer, Screensharers will NOT violate your privacy and check personal files.
• You can safely uninstall any program AFTER the Screenshare is complete.
• Once frozen, you have 5 minutes to join the Screenshare call, if you don’t make it within the 5 minutes you WILL be banned.


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hey i can screenshare check my appeal and 1 time extra mc also checked my laptop with a teamviewer app but now i have deleted it


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Download AnyDesk so they can get access to your pc and see if it has any kind of hacks and you need to join discord vc


recording a screenshare is not allowed for u guys cuz if u guys get no evidence of the person cheating, u guys will be embarrassed so that's why u guys made a rule on not recording a screenshare :censored:
We can record, you cannot.