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Skyblock Patch Notes #1 (Alpha)

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Hey all,

We are happy to announce that we have released Skyblock to Donators! However Skyblock is currently in heavy development, hence we are running "Stress Testing" sessions every day to find critical bugs and issues within Skyblock. To participate in the stress test, purchase a rank at our store. We also suggest that you join our discord so you are updated on when a slot for the testing opens up. A range of features will be added in the next few days, we will be posting changelogs of what changed within Skyblock each day till our release. Thanks to @MyNameIsRinax for providing the updates for Skyblock.

Changelog #1 (26/11/2021 & 27/11/2021)

- Booster cookies, bits and gems are now added to the game.
- The Barn island is done but there will be no animals spawning.
- Lots of bug fixes from yesterday's play tests.
- Migrated our permissions backend to Skyblock
- Updated majority of the backend to the latest version
- Other QOL features added

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