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Skyblock Patch Notes #2 ALPHA

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Hey all,

We are happy to announce the new release date for Donators! We will be releasing Skyblock to Donators on 1st December 2021! Skyblock will be up from 2 PM GMT, make sure you buy a rank at our Store to enjoy our version of Skyblock! Keep in mind some of the features from Hypixel Skyblock will be missing such as Slayers, Dungeons, Minions, Bazaar or End. We will be implementing each features throughout of 2022, do not pester us about the addition of features or you could potentially lose access to Skyblock.

Keep in mind that you will be testing a gamemode in it's alpha hence there may be rollbacks, lag, downtime or bugs. Please report any bugs to our forums or to the admins discord, we may reward you for reporting the bug! We will be running a Stress Testing session tomorrow! Keep an eye out on #donor-lounge on discord!

Changelog #2 (28/11/2021 & 29/11/2021)

- A bunch of verbose message has been altered not to show to the public.
- Ability to Forage has been added
- Foraging Island has been added
- Updated majority of the backend to the latest version
- Other QOL features added
- Optimisation to Backend to hold far more players.

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