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The pit ( PVP ) P2W Case

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PVP Update was great, legit I loved it its a good update just need to update few bugs, the main thing is theres a thing where Youtuber / MVP++ Could get a very OP Kit, that you cannot kill, and with 1 hour cooldown of 2 OP Kits, Villain Kit and PeaceKeeper kit, this is so dumb it has prot 4 etc n stuffs with custom enchants that is mad, I think this should be removed, Just make it that a ranked player gets a lifetime once Prot 1 all diamond with sharp 1 sword so its not really pay to win, and then you could fly while fighting, fly bruh like if a ranked player is low, they could just fly away when he fights.


I agree with this to some extent, sure the ranked kits have custom enchants, but its hella unfair that they have stuff like unbreaking and prot, since you cant get those without a rank (no way to apply vanilla books to armour) and the repair signs are broken at spawn ( PLEASE FIX THIS) so even if we make armour which is better than ranked gear, it breaks unless we get hellforge which is not the easiest to get. Instead of grinding to get good custom enchants, one of my friends just bought off ranked gear on the action house by negotiating with the staff/other people who have the ranked kits and got them for around 2k which is not even close to the amount it takes to actually make good gear (more than 10k if you are doing everything) . This needs to stop, and also the ranked kits need to be toned down a bit since one of the kits gives you like 44 hearts of health which is literally impossible to beat, i died at a above 100 killstreak beacause of this.