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Server Rules
  1. 1) Respect All Players
    All players have the right to be spoken to or addressed in a respectful manner. Players are all users that play on the Crackpixel Network.
  2. 2) Cheating and Exploiting
    Players have the right to play in an environment which is fair and free of cheating and exploiting.
    Why do we have this rule?
    To provide a positive experience for all players, we disallow all hacks, cheats, macros, and other behaviours that are used to gain an unfair advantage.
    Any bug on the server or within Minecraft that is used to gain an in-game advantage over other players is seen as unfair gameplay and is not allowed. This is to ensure that bugs that do arise are not used in an abusive manner to gain an unfair advantage in games.
    This means no matter where they are on the server, regardless of the reason, game modifications, cheats, or exploits that give an unfair advantage to gameplay are strictly prohibited.
  3. 3) Sensible Creative and Artistic Content
    We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of others. This includes all content such as drawings, item names, skins, and capes, which are created by players.
  4. 4) Player and Account Safety
    Players have the right to play in an environment which is safe from account phishing, scamming, and account selling
Forum Rules
  1. 1) Spamming is disallowed
    Spamming is the action of flooding the forums or users notifications with unwanted content. This includes: - Necroposting - Bumping the same thread multiple times in a row, without other users participating - Posting many threads without any content - Posting the same thread or post over and over again - Intentionally posting content in the incorrect section
  2. 2) Media advertising restrictions
    Social media advertising is making threads or posts that serve no other purpose except to get members to view your social media accounts. This can include all forms of social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Discord, etc. There are a few exceptions listed below, but otherwise, media advertising is disallowed.
  3. 3) Public shaming is disallowed
    Public shaming is the action of posting a thread, post, wall post, or modifying your accounts information in order to call out another user for actions that are commonly perceived as negative. This sort of content, as the name suggests, is commonly used to shame other users for the actions they have taken. This can include: - Posting a report publicly - Linking to YouTube videos of negative behavior in your signature - Changing your username to call out, disrespect, or impersonate another user - Posting a thread that is publicly revealing negative behavior of other users
  4. 4) Other disallowed and restricted thread types
    We disallow publicly posted staff lists since the Hypixel Network is designed in a way that does not force you to know a staff member’s name. For example, in-game reports should be sent through the command /report and forum reports should be sent through the report button at the end of the post you wish to report. If you have a question for a staff member, you can view online staff on the right side of the main forums page. As such, having a public staff list would just lead to incorrectly submitted reports and questions being sent to offline staff members. Giveaways and contests with in-game items, store items, or real life currency as a prize are not allowed on the forums. This is to protect our users from those who would try and abuse them with illegitimate or unfairly managed payouts. We disallow threads dedicated to announcing you are leaving or taking a break from the network. If you would like to let your friends know you are leaving, you should either contact them through direct messages or post about it on your forum profile wall. These sort of threads are disallowed because: - Leaving threads are commonly used to get attention. - Leaving threads are commonly used to stir up drama. - There are better ways to alert your friends of your departure.
  5. 5) Avatar, signature, and username guidelines
    We strongly encourage users to customize their avatar so that they reflect who they are. However, we do have a few rules surrounding what sort of avatars are allowed. Your avatar must not contain any of the below, as well as must follow all of our other network rules: - Impersonation of other people - Discriminatory imagery - Content that references adult topics - Advertising - References to self harm or other deeply negative personal experiences As with avatars, signatures are an option allowing users to greatly customize their profile so that it reflects their personality. Signatures must adhere to all other rules of the network as well as: - Any sort of animated image or video must not be overly flashy as they could be potentially harmful to other users. - Videos must be contained within a spoiler. - Any sort of linked content (such as videos, gifs, images, etc) must also adhere to the rules of the network. - Links contained within the signature must not contain any sort of harmful content. This includes but is not limited to viruses, IP grabbers, or any sort of phishing. - Any sort of social media advertisement must adhere to the rules surrounding media advertisement.